Hi, I’m Marc Wickens. This is just my little old place on the Internet – kind of old fashioned these days – but I’ve always found personal web sites blogs much more thought-provoking than hot-takes on Twitter or other social media platforms.

I’ve been a technologist since not long after I got my first computer back in 1998, building my first web site on Geocities within months of getting the PC aged 13. From then on, I’ve always enjoyed either writing words online, or writing software. I learned to programme in QBasic by reading this excellent book. I really liked the fact all the examples were in Basic, Pascal and C as it allowed me to quickly understand what was going on. From there I learnt Visual Basic – distributing software amongst school, and later college friends – Eventually I went to university and became a professional developer and had to learn a proper programming language.

I’ve had a varied career as a software developer working on desktop software, web/server based applications, and later iOS applications. In 2014 I decided to move away from coding and focus on the ‘analysis’ side of software development – figuring out what on earth the customer (or market) needs, and working with talented teams of developers to bring my ideas to life. Throughout my work in the technology industry I’ve always believed that doing good work, and doing the right thing for users is what ultimately brings success.

Although I registered the domain name imarc.co.uk back in 2002, for a the last few years I’ve not really been using it for much except redirecting to my other blog. I started this site as I wanted somewhere I could use to write about technology in a hopefully more thoughtful way than my other site, which will remain a personal blog for non-tech stuff.

I’m especially interested wearable technology, machine learning and how these fields might combine to create new user interface paradigms. I am a strong believer that technology can and should be used for good of everyone in society, not just those who can afford it. It should also benefit society as a whole and not just those who create it.

Outside of technology I love to walk and run in the countryside, attend gigs and listen to music. I’ve seen Manic Street Preachers 10 times (hopefully I’ll make it 11 in December, if Covid-19 will allow it). Other bands and artists I like include REM, Public Service Broadcasting, Arcade Fire, Alvvays, U2, Rodes Rollins and Radiohead.